Aubrielle’s Hope

Aubrielle’s Hope is a nonprofit that provides NH families with financial aid for the funeral, cremation or burial for a child five years old and younger. We will help with any costs related to the funeral of a child (fees, flowers, etc.).

In order to apply for assistance from Aubrielle’s Hope, you have to fill out and submit an application found on their website. The application does not need to be filled out by the parents. However there is a release form that needs to be signed by the child’s parents and submitted with the application.

“Aubrielle’s Hope” is a 501c3 nonprofit that was started in memory and honor of Aubrielle Hope Cook. Aubrielle was born on April 13, 2016. She lived for only 7 hours, but her life made an impact on thousands of other lives through the sharing of her story by her mother, Beth Cook.