Category: General Using Technology to Enhance and Sustain Person Directed Supports

Using Technology to Enhance and Sustain Person Directed Supports

October 27, 2020

This webinar will focus on strategies and practices that people with disabilities using publicly funded services are seizing to get the support they want and need. Everyday living technology is accessible for many and its use, as determined by the people themselves, and their families is making a real difference as we make our way safely through COVID-19. Attendees will learn about the practices that have worked to assure that people have the support they need, and to keep healthy through their connections with their friends, networks, and communities.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will
• understand perspectives from people with disabilities who use services, and people who support them about how they've used technology to sustain their services and supports, their way;
• share examples of ideas and practices for use of technology that is accessible and meaningful to people with disabilities;
• explain practical ideas for sustaining the use of technology beyond COVID-19 to enhance the control and autonomy people have in their lives

This is an AAIDD webinar.



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