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Seasonal Affective Disorder

December 9, 2021


Seasonal Affective Disorder can impact adults, teens, and children. It is estimated about 6 in every 100 people (6%) experience SAD. One US study found rates of SAD were 7 times higher in New Hampshire then in California suggesting the farther we are from the equator, the more likely we are to develop SAD. Join us for an educational and STRESS-LESS evening learning about SAD and how to deal with it.

About the G.E.A.R. Parent Network:

The G.E.A.R. Parent Network, a program of Crisis & Counseling Centers, is the place where Gaining Empowerment Allows Results. G.E.A.R. is run by parents for parents providing services for parents of children with emotional and behavioral health concerns.

Through parent-to-parent sharing of experiences and knowledge, G.E.A.R. Parent Network empowers parents of children with behavioral health needs to build on their family’s strengths and to advocate for their family’s needs.


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