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Person-Centered Transition Academy

All Day
September 10, 2022

WHO: Designed for high school students ages 16 – 20, their families, and supporters
WHEN: Saturday, September 10, 2022
HOW: In-Person Session
WHERE: Community Bridges NEW Office and Meeting Space 162 Pembroke Road, Concord

WHY: The practical and consistent application of “Person-Centered” practices is not only known to promote creative and effective individualized life and school planning, lead to high quality and well-rounded expectations, and increase the ability of people and families to direct the focus of their support and services, person-centered is also a requirement of many formal systems including school systems, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Developmental Services area agencies. But “what is person-centered thinking and how do you do it?” remains a question for some. This workshop will guide you through a process of using practical concepts and tools that you will use in your transition planning and beyond.

This project will introduce and explain how to apply Person Centered Thinking and Charting the LifeCourse™
concepts, skills, tools, and practices that will:

  • Guide positive future planning, effective team communication, consideration of meaningful and creative experiences, and collaborative action planning
  • Promote student ability to identify positive future life outcomes, and to guide and direct high school transition and adult life planning toward their “good life”
  • Strengthen family ability to advocate on behalf of the student, identify their own desired future outcomes, and identify supports needed for success
  • Provide common language and methods for communication, planning, and problem-solving that support individual goals as well as professional system requirements
  • Prepare you to bring YOUR vision, ideas, and expectations to your school planning meetings!

PRESENTED BY: Lesley Blecharczyk, Community Bridges Training & Program Development
~National Person Centered Thinking Trainer~ ~Charting the LifeCourse Ambassador and National Coach~
“Teams” for this workshop should include the student and family members at a minimum – this is where “person-centered” and “family-directed” starts! You can also invite your school supporter (Case Manager, advocate) and area agency (Case Manager, Family Support) to support the collaborative planning model.
WHO will YOU ask to be part of your Transition Academy team?

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