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Fit and Fabulous! Furture In Sight

December 11, 2020

Yoga and Nutrition Series with Michelle Dowling and Michelle Moreau

Each session will start with yoga. Learn more about balance, orientation, and exercise, as Michelle Dowling uses tools such as chair yoga and gradually adds to what you can do at your own pace.

Michelle Dowling is a certified yoga instructor. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

The second portion of the class will be led by Michelle Moreau, CC, RDN, LD. She comes to us from Healthy in the Kitchen Nutrition Services out of Portsmouth, NH.  Meal planning and cooking methods along with activity balanced with exercise and healthy eating for a wellness way of life  Michelle will cover topics such as how to read and relate the facts on food labels and apply it to a healthy lifestyle. We will also cover some of the unique roadblocks that may stand in the way for a healthy lifestyle with vision loss.  For example, farm fresh is best, but how do you gain access to farm stands when you don’t drive? How do you read the nutrition information on food products, if you cannot see the print? We’ll cover how to use apps such as My Fitness Pal with magnification and speech.   Take heart, as there are ways around these challenges and more, which you will hear about in this Fit and Fabulous series.

To register, please contact Stephanie Hurd, Assistive Technology & Activity Specialist,  and include Fit and Fabulous in the subject line

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