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Coping After Suicide with Joanne Harpel

March 12, 2022

Sponsored by: The Survivors of Suicide Loss Sub-committee of the New Hampshire Suicide Prevention Council (SPC)

As part of the ongoing support to loss survivors and local support groups, we are thrilled for the opportunity to bring Joanne Harpel to New Hampshire for this two-day event.

March 12, 2022, * 10am to 12 pm - Support for Suicide Loss Survivors
Please join Joanne for a virtual session to connect with your peers -- share, remember and get in touch with your transformation as a suicide loss survivor.
*For Survivors of Suicide Loss

March 26 * 10 am to 2 pm - Facilitating Suicide Bereavement Support Groups: Advanced Skills & Tricky Situations (Lunch Provided)
Location: Philbrook House - 121 South Fruit Street, Concord NH
Every support group facilitator faces challenging situations that require extra creativity. During this session, you will receive go-to tips and tricks and learn the Hierarchy of Options to apply it to any support group situation
*For current suicide loss support group facilitators only

Joanne is a former Senior Director for Public Affairs & Post-vention for AFSP. Joanne is the creator of the AFSP support group facilitator training piece widely used today and the inspiration behind International Survivor of Suicide Loss Day for AFSP.


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