You Should, You Should

Book Cover, You Should, You Should

Hippo’s morning starts off good, until friends say, “You should! You should!” You should prance! You should sing! Wear this hat! Stretch your wing! Though Hippo wants to be a friend, he wonders when the “shoulds” will end.

Hippo tries to fit in by acting like someone he is not. He tries to sing like the monkeys, but doesn’t quite have the right voice. He dries to dance and spin like a firefly, but doesn’t quite have the right moves. He keeps trying to fit in but it isn’t until he tries to be himself that he finds the perfect fit. This is a great book to teach children how important being yourself really is. Hippo and friends will soon find out that being yourself is what life’s about.

© 2017 Ginny Tilby
Audience: Children
ISBN: 1945547545