When Babies Read: A Practical Guide To Helping Young Children With Hypeerlexia, Aspergers Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

Audra Jensen’ son began reading when he was only two years old. She shares her experiences – both the challenges and joys – of raising a child with autism and hyperlexia – an early and obsessive interest in the written word associated with social deficits and significant difficulty in understanding verbal language. The author stresses the importance of diagnosis of the condition for successful implementation of effective teaching strategies and encouragement of more typical childhood development. As well as useful advice, this guide provides a comprehensive reading curriculum specially designed for young, challenged children to help promote their reading ability. With practical suggestions on how to modify teaching and therapy program to suit a child’s individual learning style, this practical guide will prove invaluable for parents of children with autism and hyperlexia.

© 2005 Jensen, Audra
Audience: Parent, Professional