What To Expect When You Use The Potty

Book Cover, What To Expect When You Use The Potty

Adorable Angus the Answer Dog cheerfully and respectfully guides young children through the exciting, sometimes daunting experience of potty training. An ideal read-aloud book for children who are on the verge of transitioning from  diapers to big-kid underpants, this matter-of-fact book explains the process naturally and calmly. Each two-page spread asks a question: “Where do pee-pee and poop come from?” “What’s a potty?” “How do I know when to go to the potty?” “Why do I have to wash my hands?”and more, each question anticipating the next. Angus answers these queries with clarity, sensitivity, and attention to age-appropriateness. A paw print in each section indicates a little game or idea for young trainees. The introduction invites parents to use their own  language for the terms provided, but recommends child-friendly names over highly clinical terms. Ages 3 and up.

© 2000 Murkoff, Heidi
Audience: Children, Parent
Contributors: Rader, Laura, ill.
ISBN: 0060538015
Language: Eng