What Is Dyslexia?: A Book Explaining Dyslexia For Kids And Adults To Use Together

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“What is Dyslexia?” is designed to help adults explain dyslexia to children. The author provides information about all the most common types of dyslexia: trouble with sounds, trouble remembering how letters and words look, trouble finding words, and mixed dyslexia. He deals with the basic facts and adopts a style which is accessible to children without talking down to them. This book includes clear examples which children will be able to understand, as well as activities for parents to do with their children. The author emphasizes that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that having dyslexia is okay. This book will be valuable for parents of children with dyslexia, as well as other adults working with children with dyslexia.

© 2008 Hultquist, Alan M.
Audience: Children, Parent, Professional