Understanding The Nature Of Sensory Integration With Diverse Populations

Information is presented on the treatment of Sensory Modulation Dysfunction, high-risk infants and young children, visual deficits, cerebral palsy, autism, institutionalized children, and Fragile X Syndrome. Information on both clinical testing and standardized testing is presented. Learn how the latest neurological research supports and influences SI theory and practice. This book is quite technical, but covers sensory integration from its theoretical foundations through assessment, neurobehavior and applications with specific populations.

© 2001 S.S. Roley, Ms, Otr; E.I. Blanche, Phd, Otr, Faota; R.C. Schaaf, M.Ed, Otr/L, Faota
Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 9780761615156
Language: Eng