Understanding Katie

Book Cover, Understanding Katie

Understanding Katie is a hands-on storybook written especially for children between the ages of 3-12 years of age who suffer from Selective Mutism and/or social phobia. Selectively Mute/socially anxious children ‘cannot speak’ and feel afraid when they are in various social situations, such as school. This can be a very isolating feeling. Understanding Katie will help these children realize that they are not alone and there are others in this world who feel as they do. The goal for this book is to help Selectively Mute/socially anxious children identify with Katie’s feelings by reading about her trials and tribulations in ‘a day in the life of’ Katie. Ages 3 an up.

© 2003 Shipon-Blum, Elisa
Audience: Children
ISBN: 9780971480032
Language: Eng

“At 7 am, Katie's alarm clock went off, but like every morning, Katie stayed in bed until Mom came into her room.”