Type 1 Diabetes for the Newly Diagnosed: What to Expect, What To Do, How to Thrive

Getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is unsettling news, but know that your life will still be rich and full of joy post-diagnosis. In Type 1 Diabetes for the Newly Diagnosed, you’ll discover the answers to the questions you didn’t ask at the doctor’s office and get a glimpse into what life will look like for you and your family now and further into the future.

Type 1 Diabetes for the Newly Diagnosed includes:

♦ Practical guidance – Learn how to ride out the ups and downs of the honeymoon phase and everyday blood sugar management.
♦ Your questions answered – Each chapter closes with an informative FAQ section to answer any lingering concerns you may have.
♦ Real stories – Read about the experiences of real-life diabetics, who present a realistic picture of living with type 1 diabetes.


© 2020 Ariel Warren RDN CD CDCES
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Parent