Turbo Max: A Story For Siblings And Friends Of Children With Bipolar Disorder

There is one thing that Rick wants this summer, a Turbo Max remote control car. When his parents buy him a diary instead, Rick knows it’s going to be a long summer. A contest at the hobby shop gives him hope that he can win the remote control car of his dreams. Just when the new car seems within grasp, Rick’s sister is hospitalized with bipolar disorder. As Rick struggles to understand Mandy’s illness and cope with its effects on his life, his hopes of winning are broken. But with some creative helpers and the advice from Mandy’s doctor, Rick just might have one last chance. Turbo Max is much more than a journey through one boy’s summer as recorded in his diary. It’s a journey from confusion to understanding, from embarrassment to advocacy, from anger and guilt to acceptance. It’s a journey that all siblings of children with bipolar disorder need to make in their own way and time. It is hoped that Turbo Max will be an important step in this journey. Ages 8 and up.

© 2008 Anglada, Tracy
Audience: Children