Troy’s Amazing Universe K For Karate – Book 4

Imagine that you’re seven years old and the smallest kid in school. On top of that you can’t speak very well and so people don’t understand you. Your hearing isn’t too good either and you learn who people are by smell. Even worse, you get your sounds mixed up and you can’t read! Welcome to Troy’s world. Trying to get people including mom (who smells of warm muffins) and dad (who smells of leather) to understand him is a difficult task. Troy has to use a mixture of hand signals and objects to let people know exactly what he wants. The series present the delightful adventures that Troy encounters and the unique way in which he copes with the people, situation, and surroundings.Ages 9-12

Troy and his father Ron are abducted by aliens to a planet where the future of Earth, and several other civilizations, hinges on the outcome of the All-Galaxy Olympics, an alien reality show. The aliens view Earthlings the way we do kids like Troy: damaged. The aliens have a plan to rid the galaxy of all imperfection. Cue “Star Trek”/”Outer Limits” theme music. Troy’s story gives us insights into our own imperfect but determined human race as Troy and his father must work together to save Earth and return home. No easy task, since to Ron, Troy might as well be speaking an alien language. However, a miraculous red ball, similar to the Star Trek Universal Translator, helps father and son communicate clearly for the first time. Ron reveals to us and to Troy that he doesn’t want his “imperfect” son recycled.

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© 2006 S. Kennedy Tosten
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Children, Parent