Transition Assessment: Wise Practices For Quality Lives

Book Cover, Transition Assessment: Wise Practices For Quality Lives

This book from top researchers in the field places assessment at the heart of transition planning, showing readers just how important it is to understand the needs and goals of young people with disabilities before planning supports to guide them into adult life. Educators, administrators, counselors, service providers, and families will examine diverse assessment methods like student self-evaluation, performance tasks, teacher-generated profiles, curriculum-based assessment, and structured interviews with students and families. Discover ways to help individuals direct their transition plans, choose their own goals, and communicate them effectively. Learn how personalized, step-by-step action plans can empower young people with disabilities to pursue their chosen path, whether it’s going to college, traveling, getting married, and/or enjoying a successful career. Sensitive and practical, this guidebook shatters stereotypes about the limitations of people with disabilities, offering innovative ways to ensure that all opportunities are open to all people.

© 2002 Sax, Caren & Thoma, Colleen
Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 1557665702
Language: Eng