There’s An S On My Back: “S” Is For Scoliosis

Maisey MacGuire is a fifth grader and her life is much like that of any fifth grader until the day of her scoliosis screening. “After the little talk, Ms. Bennett had each girl stand on a piece of masking tape stuck to the floor and asked each one to move into a diving position. I kept thinking to myself, “I sure hope everyone knows how to swim!” Then Ms. Bennett just seemed to stare at each back, looking ever so carefully. Eventually, it was my turn. She seemed to take a lot longer with me and I was getting pretty uncomfortable being in that position so long. Finally, she told me that I could stand up.”  This story follows her treatment, while also covering her thoughts and feelings, and day to day activities. Although  fiction, this is written by a mother of a daughter who also has scoliosis. Ages 10 and up.

© 1999 Mahony, Mary
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Children