The Source For Syndromes 2

Book Cover, The Source For Syndromes 2

The Source for Syndromes describes a variety of syndromes including CHARGE, Pierre-Robin, Treacher Collins, Velocardiofacial, and several more. Offers a global understanding of syndromes, and covers the speech and language issues involved, lists areas of needed intervention. Especially useful for speech-language pathologists.

© 2000 Gail J. Richard, Debra Reichert Hoge
Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 0444817808
Language: Eng

“In a series of insightful papers, Castillo and MacLean established that the club mosses Lycopodium magellanicum and Lycopodium paniculatum produce alkaloids possessing structural features distinctively different from other metabolites known to arise from these and related sources.”