The Seven Silly Eaters

Book Cover, The Seven Silly Eaters

Peter wants only milk, Lucy won’t settle for anything but homemade lemonade, and Jack is stuck on applesauce. Each new addition to the Peters household brings a new demand for a special meal. What’s a mother to do? Even though Mrs. Peters picks, peels, strains, scrapes, poaches, fries, and kneads, the requests for special foods keep coming. It isn’t until her birthday arrives that a present from her children solves the problem with a hilarious surprise that pleases everyone. Ages 5 and up.

© 1997 Hoberman, Mary Ann
Audience: Children
Contributors: Frazee, Marla, ill., Marla Frazee (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0152024409
Language: Eng

“Not so long ago, they say, A mother lived-just like today.”