The Sensory Connection: An OT And SLP Team Approach

Book Cover, The Sensory Connection: An OT And SLP Team Approach

Combining aspects of occupational and speech-language therapies, the authors demonstrate how an integrated team approach increases therapeutic effectiveness while maximizing the benefits of treatment resources. This revised edition offers even more techniques that can enhance a person’s ability to attend, function, and learn. Detailed, illustrated appendices show and explain creative activities and include sample handouts. Supported by numerous references and case studies, the authors tackle topics such as: Understanding Sensory Integration and Communication; Sensory Processing Difficulties; Sensory-Based Behaviors; A Therapeutic Approach to Intervention; The Benefits of Teaming; Assessment of Communication Skills, Sensory Motor Skills; Environmental Strategies and Supports; Oral and Feeding Interventions and more.

© 2005 Kashman, Nancy & Mora, Janet
Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 1932565485
Language: Eng