The Picture Cookbook: No-Cook Recipes For The Special Chef

For budding chefs with special needs including Autism, Attention Deficit disorder, Down Syndrome, or other disabilities, The Picture Cookbook is the result of the author’s four years of efforts teaching her own autistic daughter to cook and bake. The title says it all, but the book is not simply a series of pictures leading the potential chef through the steps. All aspects of avoiding injury and ensuring success have been cleverly thought through. Using modern kitchen tools, the authors have written recipes that are safe for anyone to use, be they young children, confused adults or people with special needs. Furthermore, for the benefit of teachers and caregivers, instructions on the process of teaching someone to use the cookbook are detailed, as well as discussions of issues that can arise.

© 2008 Dassonville, Joyce & Mcdow, Ehren
Audience: Parent, Professional