The Little Red Sports Car: A Modern Fable About Diabetes

This is a fun, upbeat story about a little car that meets a new challenge in life and is able to overcome it. Rudy, The Little Red Sports Car, is not feeling well one day and his owner Bob takes him into a garage for a checkup. Bob learns that he has to make some adjustments in the way he drives his little car.  Rudy’s automatic transmission (the pancreas) is broken and Rudy now has to be driven with a manual transmission, and he also needs a special additive to run again (insulin). There are many parallels to diabetes  but the main message in this upbeat tale is that life with diabetes can go on as usual –  just with a few adjustments. This book could also be used by an adult with diabetes to help a child understand what an individual with diabetes experiences every day.

© 2007 Troutt, Eleanor
Audience: Children