The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook

Book Cover, The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook

This one-of-a-kind book is the first to provide information, strategies, and tools to promote healthy living for people with Down syndrome, their families, and those who support them. Using her knowledge and expertise as a registered dietitian and experiences as a mother of a son with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, and celiac disease, Joan Guthrie Medlen has blended intricate science with practical use to create a book that is indispensable. Medlen encourages parents and professionals to start teaching healthy habits early, yet stresses it is never too late to make changes. This book describes the connection between healthy lifestyles and nutrition for people with Down syndrome and hands-on strategies for nutrition education. Chapters cover: . Introducing food textures and new foods. . Creating successful mealtimes. . Strategies for weight management. . Ideas for fitness and exercise. . Cooking and menu planning. . Activities for nutrition education that with accommodations for all students. Using visual cues and tools to teach and create healthy, independent lifestyles.

© 2002 Medlen, Joan E. Guthrie
Audience: Parent, Professional
Contributors: Timothy P. Shriver (Foreword)
ISBN: 9781890627232
Language: Eng