The Anxiety Cure For Kids: A Guide For Parents

Book Cover, The Anxiety Cure For Kids: A Guide For Parents

This is a guide to help adults and children understand the way anxiety works. Using characters such as the Dragon and the Wizard, “The Anxiety Cure for Kids” explains how to overcome the negative impacts of anxiety and turn anxiety into a positive opportunity for the whole family. It outlines specific action steps to regain full control of your anxious child’s life. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your child, help him or her confront fear, and boost your child’s feelings of accomplishment and self-esteem. The book also includes helpful advice for anyone who works with anxious children, such as teachers, coaches, therapists, and school nurses. There are many exercises and tips.

© 2003 Dupont Spencer, Elizabeth, Msw; Dupont, Robert L, Md; Dupont, Caroline M, Md
Audience: Parent
ISBN: 9780471475491
Language: Eng

“Welcome to an amazing world and to the upbeat story of a Dragon that is tamed by a Wizard.”