The Adventures Of Sensory Avoider Allie! Allie Only Eats Three Foods

Allie knows what she likes! She only likes yogurt, apples and pretzels. She talks about things that help her at mealtimes, and things that only make it worse. Allie Only Eats Three Foods is a book of a fun, down to earth children’s series about Allie the sensory avoider. Allie is a darling 6 year old girl with sensory processing disorder who tells her story about her struggles and challenges with foods. She talks about things that help her, and things that don’t. She also has a number of great sensory tools and strategies under her little belt! As the parent, you will discover practical, simple, and fun ideas to help your child. At the same time your child will connect with Allie emotionally and realize that she is not alone in this journey with sensory processing disorder (SPD). Ages 5 and up.

© 2012 Voss, Angie Otr
Audience: Children, Parent