Sometimes I’m Bombaloo

Book Cover, Sometimes I’m Bombaloo

A warm book about losing your temper, and how to feel like yourself again. With its bright illustrations and sweet story, this title is the perfect read aloud for librarians, teachers, and parents.

Five-year-old Katie is a good kid — most of the time. But sometimes…well, sometimes, say when her little brother knocks down her beautiful castle after she told him not to touch it and she knows she’ll never be able to make it look that good again…sometimes Katie gets so mad she’s Bombaloo, she’s just not herself.

Being Bombaloo is scary. But a little time out and a lot of understanding from Mom help Bombaloo calm down. And cleaning up the mess that Bombaloo made, then sharing hugs and sorries with her family, help Katie feel like Katie again.

© 2002 Rachel Vail
Audience: Children
Contributors: Heo, Yumi., Heo, Yumi,, Heo, Yumi, ill.
ISBN: 9780439087551
Language: Eng