Sofia And The Heartmender

Book Cover, Sofia And The Heartmender

When Sofia sees shadow-monsters on her wall at night, her parents dismiss her fears as silly. When she tries to draw her monsters at school, her teacher tells her to stop wasting paper and draw flowers instead. Sad and lonely, her heart broken in two, Sofia leaves school and enters a mysterious world where a Heartmender waits to make her heart whole again. Sofia’s journey leads her to face her fears until they fade away. Strengthened by her visit to the compassionate Heartmender, she returns to the real world, confident that the shadow-monsters are no longer a threat, ready to speak up for herself to her parents and teachers, and hopeful that the adults in her life will respect her feelings because she respects herself. Ages 6 and up.

© 1993 Olofsdotter, Marie
Audience: Children
ISBN: 9780915793501
Language: Eng