Self and Social Regulation: Social Interaction and the Development of Social Understanding and Executive Functions

A very technical book on theories of children’s executive functioning, self-regulation and the connection to social understanding and emotional competence. The exact nature of the relations between these aspects of children’s social and emotional development is far from being fully understood. Does social interaction play a role in the development of executive function or, more generally, self-regulation? If it does play a role, what forms of social interaction facilitate the development of executive function? In this book, the contributors address these questions and explore other emerging theoretical and empirical links between self-regulation, social interaction, and children’s psycho-social competence.

© 2010 Brayn W. Sokol, Ulrich Muller, Jeremy I. M. Carpendale, Arlene Young, Grace Iarocci
Audience: Parent, Professional
Contributors: Sokol, Bryan W.
ISBN: 9780195327694
Language: Eng