The Science of Making Friends: Helping Socially Challenged Teens and Young Adults

While a number of programs help young children with autism to develop social skills, until now there have been no such approaches for older kids and adults on the spectrum. This book is based on UCLA’s acclaimed PEERS program, a research-based approach to helping adolescents and young adults with autism make and keep friends. This step-by-step guide helps parents, educators, and others to provide “social coaching” to teens and young adults on the spectrum.  The book includes concrete rules and steps of social etiquette identified through research. Parents can use the book to assist in improving conversational skills, expanding social opportunities (including dating), identifying strategies for handling peer rejection, and developing and enhancing friendships. Lessons are taught using didactic teaching narratives, followed by key rules and steps.

© 2013 Laugeson, Elizabeth A., Psy.D.
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Parent, Professional
ISBN: 9781118127216
Language: Eng