Samantha’s Fun FM And Hearing Aid Book!

Please don’t ever tell Samantha Brownlie that she is too young, too small or too hearing impaired to do something. Chances are the tenacious seven year-old will happily prove you wrong.Samantha’s handwritten and hand illustrated story book entitled “Samantha and Her Fun FM and Hearing Aid Book!” tell the story of her life with hearing aids, and her use of an FM unit in her classroom at school. Her teacher talks into a microphone which transmits the sound of her voice directly to a receiver on Samantha’s hearing aid. Sam also offers solutions to trouble-shooting problems that might occur with the FM unit which are very detailed and clear. Samantha originally wrote her story to help classmates and other children understand hearing loss and hearing amplification but her desire to educate more people about hearing loss prompted her — with the help of her mom and dad — to publish her book. Samantha hopes her book will help others who wear hearing devices and FM systems feel confident and comfortable with them. And that of course, is all part of Sam’s master plan.

© 2011 Brownlie, Samantha
Audience: Children