Parenting Teens Battling with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts: What Parents Must Know About Depression Disorders, Suicide, Anger Issues And Anxiety In Kids And How They Can Help Them Deal With It

Parenting a teen is one of the most demanding periods of being a parent. And not knowing whether the mood swings, uncut attitude, awkward behaviors and angry outbursts your child is showing is a sign of depression can be frustrating. And depression, if not detected early and treated properly, can have serious damaging long-term impact on your child’s life. In recent years, depression has been listed as one of the top three mental health issues teenagers and young adults face globally… and with it has been a rise in teen suicide. As parents, we have the responsibility to look out for, love, care for and support kids through their teenage years, especially if they are going through depression.

In this book, clinical psychologist and child therapist, Katrina Goyette, puts into clear words all her experience and practical knowledge of working with parents like you over the years to help their teenage children deal with and overcome depression.

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