Organizing The Disorganized Child: Simple Strategies To Succeed In School

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Organizing The Disorganized Child finally answers the parents′ question, “How can I help my child get organized without waging a battle?”  This essential toolkit for parents and educators factors organizational styles into the equation, and offers effective strategies that deliver amazing long-term results. ADHD expert Dr. Martin Kutscher and coach Marcella Moran explain the roots of our children′s organizational problems, and the parents′ role in fixing them. They outline different organizational styles used by different students.  (Not all kids organize the same way!)  Kutscher and Moran outline exactly what school materials to buy, and how to set up the study area. They provide a step-by-step plan for an organizational system.

© 2009 Kutscher, Martin L. & Moran, Marcella
Audience: Parent, Professional