Oppositional Defiant Disorder: A Parents’ Guidebook for Children and Adolescents with O.D.D.

It can be quite difficult to recognize the difference between an emotional or stubborn child and a child with ODD. The syndrome mostly shows in teenagers but can manifest in younger children too. It’s completely normal in the course of a child’s development to show certain symptoms of defiance and anger, but the line can be easily crossed if you don’t react in time. This book will list and describe those ODD symptoms in detail so you can analyze your child’s behavior like a professional and take necessary steps. But more importantly, this book provides strategies and solutions for this troublesome behavior. So turn to it to help your children and build positive family communication. Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn with this book:

♦ How to recognize the ODD symptoms and differentiate between ODD behavioral pattern and “normal” outbursts
♦ When and how to intervene and start working on your child’s behavior
♦ How to define boundaries and establish yourself as an authoritative, positive figure
♦ Techniques for managing and influencing your child’s emotions
♦ Strategies for managing your own emotions and spreading calmness on your child
♦ Techniques for guiding your children through different situations and teaching them how to deal with different emotions

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