No Parent Left Behind

No Parent Left Behind guides parents of children with any type of special learning need through the Special Education universe.  Written by a clinical psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in evaluating and advocating for children, it tells parents exactly how they can help their child succeed in school.  In this comprehensive, easy to read book, parents will learn how to monitor their child’s early development for signs of possible difficulty; identify their child’s needs within an academic setting; choose a skilled independent evaluator and get the necessary testing to document a child’s current performance and needs; understand test results and testing reports; advocate for appropriate services and help craft an effective Individualized Education Program; get the most help from outside professionals, and monitor their child’s progress over time.

© 2013 Brefach, Susan M., Ed.D.
Audience: Parent
Contributors: Lisa Spiegel (), Spiegel, Lisa, 1963-
ISBN: 1578863279
Language: Eng