Neurogenetic Syndromes: Behavioral Issues and Their Treatment

An essential pediatrics textbook and professional reference, this cutting-edge volume sheds new light on neurogenetic syndromes using a promising clinical perspective: examining behavioral and psychological phenotypes, with a strong focus on the influence of genetics.Clinicians who work with children of all ages will fully explore:

  • behavioral phenotypes of established syndromes, such as Down syndrome, Smith Magenis syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Williams syndrome
  • the relationship between brain development and cognitive ability as children grow older
  • functional behavioral assessment and its critical role in helping resolve behavior challenges
  • the distinctive social traits of specific genetically based syndromes
  • psychiatric diagnosis in individuals with neurogenetic syndromes
  • speech-language therapy for children with social, emotional, and behavioral disorders
  • pharmacological management of behavioral disturbance in intellectual disability
  • new genetic techniques and technologies that help advance our understanding of neurogenetic syndromes

© 2010 Bruce K. SHapiro, Pasquale J. Accardo
Audience: Professional
Contributors: Accardo, Pasquale J., Shapiro, Bruce K.
ISBN: 159857017X
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