Meghan’s World: The Story Of One Girl’s Triumph Over Sensory Processing Disorder

Meghan has a hard time with her itchy clothes, her hair touching her face, the noises in her classroom. Therapists work with her in a number of ways, using brushing, therapeutic listening, diet and exercise, and Meghan begins to feel much better. It can be profoundly comforting to a child to know they are not alone in experiencing what they feel. It also “normalizes” the interventions  used to help –such as using sensory gym equipment, getting “brushed,” or listening to special music over headphones. While not every child with sensory issues needs all of the interventions described in the book (such as a special diet), this also opens up an important dialogue between parents and kids about activities that help children feel and function better.

© 2007 Renna, Diane M
Audience: Children, Parent