Meet Melly, Her Color Is Mad: A Ground Breaking Workbook To Help Children Master Their Moods

Melly is an amazing little girl. She’s lots of fun and creative — when she’s not getting into trouble! She dreams of having friends, getting along with her family, and most of all … staying out of the principal’s office. Most mornings, Melly and her family wake up hoping “today’s going to be a better day.” But something almost always happens to ruin it. Usually, her mood. Melly gets sulky or mad when things don’t go exactly her way. Even Melly’s best friend, her parrot named Mr. Feathers, has just about had it with Melly — not to mention her friends, when she ruined her own party — and her classmates, when she ripped the beak off a clay bird. Mad Mad Mad… and turning her world upside down! That was Melly, until…

© 2003 Goldberg, Pamela M. & Winston-Macauley, Marnie
Audience: Children, Parent, Professional