Managing The Defiant Child: A Guide To Parent Training

Childhood defiance–the most common complaint of parents seeking professional help for their children–exerts a tremendous amount of wear-and-tear on families. This information-packed video brings to life a proven approach to behavior management, and shows clinicians, school practitioners, parents, students, and teachers how enhanced parenting skills can dramatically improve the parent-child relationship. Viewers see vignettes from actual parent training sessions, and hear group leader Dr. Gwen Edwards discuss concepts of child management; outline principles of managing defiant behavior; and review progress with group participants. Informative commentary from Dr. Barkley provides a clear picture of:

* Why interactions with children are a “two-way street”
* Effective incentive systems for motivating children
* The crucial role of parent training

Available in DVD format (34 minutes). Consider using as training’s and/or discussion.

© 1997 Video - Barkley, Russell A.
Audience: Parent, Professional