Lost In Laconia

“Lost in Laconia”: During a time when people who were branded and stigmatized as “feebleminded” and a danger to society were banished to a life of isolation and total segregation, thousands of children and adults were institutionalized in large state operated institutions throughout the country. In the case of New Hampshire, that place was the Laconia State School.

This documentary examines the social values and cultural ideals of the twentieth century, relative to individuals and families who were labeled “feebleminded”, deficient, or disabled in New Hampshire. “Lost in Laconia” has been shown to audiences throughout New England and has been featured on New Hampshire Chronicle; New Hampshire Outlook; New Hampshire Public Radio; and New Hampshire Public Television. Available in DVD format.

It can also be watched on YouTube – Lost In Laconia


© 2010 Dubois, Gordon
Audience: Parent, Professional