Life In The House Of Cards: Or Parenting a Child with Mental Illness

Raising a child with mental illness is complex by itself, but the way society views and treats mental health issues makes it even harder. This author talks openly about painful issues encountered by children with mental illness and their parents, including educational struggles, medical challenges, parenting issues, and the effect on other siblings and partners. In this book the author: Defines the work of child psychiatry; discusses the loss of the “perfect child” and accepting the mental illness diagnosis; shares strategies for getting help for the child; shows how to navigate the opposing and often confusing medical diagnosis and more. Geared toward parents, Life in the House of Cards communicates that importance of recognizing that mental illness is as much of a medical condition as any other disease. It shows that parents are not alone in their struggles, and that support and help is available.

© 2012 Abramovich, Irene Md, Phd
Audience: Parent, Professional