Launching Into Adulthood: An Integrated Response To Support Transition Of Youth With Chronic Health Conditions and Disabilites

As adolescents with disabilities or chronic health conditions reach adulthood, they face complex challenges related to employment, education, housing, health care, and community participation. Coordinated, well-organized transition services could make all the difference and this cutting-edge volume gives decision-makers a clear vision to work toward as they reform today’s fragmented system. Research scientist Donald Lollar gathers the best, most current thinking on transition from a multidisciplinary team of experts. Together, they make research-based recommendations that will streamline access to services, meet young people’s individual needs, and improve long-term outcomes. Readers will discover which kinds of policy changes and program initiatives could help adolescents with a range of disabilities maintain continuous, high-quality medical care and health insurance as they enter adulthood prepare for every aspect of meaningful employment, from determining career goals to fulfilling job requirements choose, secure, and keep an affordable and accessible home build the skills they need to use local transportation options as independently as possible participate fully in community activities, with the help of both formal and informal supports Readers will get valuable insight on improving the various systems with fragmented and uncoordinated programs health, education, labor, housing, transportation. And because chapters are coauthored by experts on adolescents and experts on adult disability, readers will have a balanced, cohesive perspective that will help them improve both sides of transition. With this map for program and policy change close at hand, program developers will take confident steps toward their ultimate goal: a seamlessly integrated transition system that helps young adults with disabilities lead successful, self-determined adult lives.

© 2010 Lollar, Donald
Audience: Parent, Professional