Kami and the Yaks

Book Cover, Kami and the Yaks

A Sherpa family discovers that their yaks are missing and young Kami is anxious to help. Kami is a spunky child who happens to be deaf and is unable to speak. In his search he encounters the rumblings of a fierce storm which quickly becomes more threatening. Surmounting his fear of being alone in the midst of treacherous lightning and hail, Kami uses his heightened sense of observation to finally locate the yaks. Reunited with their animals, the astonished family is once again able to transport their gear and guide the mountain climbers into the majestic terrain. For ages 5-7

© 2007 Andrea Stenn Stryer
Audience: Children
Contributors: Bert Dodson (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0977896102
Language: Eng