Just Take A Bite: Easy, Effective Answers To Food Aversions And Eating Challenges!

Is your child a “picky” eater or a full-fledged resistant eater? Does he or she eat only 3-20 foods, refusing all others? Eat from only one food group? Gag, tantrum, or become anxious if you introduce new foods? If so, you have a resistant eater. Learn the possible causes, when you need professional help, and how to deal with the behavior at home. Learn why “Don’t play with your food!” and “Clean your plate!” – along with many other old saws – are just plain wrong. And who said you have to eat dessert last? Get ready to have some stereotypes shattered! This is an excellent resource; covering both descriptions, reasons for aversions and a variety of strategies.

© 2004 Ernsperger, Lori, Phd & Stegen-Hanson, Tania, Otr/L
Audience: Parent, Professional