It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Overweight: A Story Of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Accomplishment for Overweight and Obese Kids

This is a fictional children’s story depicting the life of Patty, who typifies the average overweight American kid as she encounters the emotional and physical challenges associated with an adolescent overweight condition. The story culminates with Patty overcoming these challenges and improving her health condition by better understanding the importance of good nutrition and exercise, and through an increased awareness of the overwhelming number of social pressures, corporate persuasions, media-perpetuated temptations, and other cultural influences that adversely affect her ability to make healthy choices. The story not only portrays how America’s children have been culturally programmed into obesity, but also empowers its young readers to recognize the constant stream of negative influences encountered daily, to make decisive changes in their lifestyles and, in doing so, to get on track toward a lifetime of health and wellness. Also available in a format for boys. Ages 9 and up.

© 2006 Kern, Merilee A.
Audience: Children, Parent