I’m Down With You: An Inspired Journey

I’m Down with You will take you on an inspired journey with the people of the Down syndrome community. With the gift of an extra chromosome, they are in fact not disabled but abled with the ability to love without hierarchy, have strong self-esteem and impact everyone they touch with an uplifting spirit found too rarely in our world these days. I’m Down with You features over 100 portraits of individuals ,families and friends as well as essays by Betsy Goodwin, NDSS Founder; Sharon Stone, Actor and Activist; Anthony Shriver, CEO and Founder of Best Buddies; John McGinley, Actor and National Spokesperson for Buddy Walk; and Jagatjoti Khalsa, photographer and creator of I’m Down with You.

© 2010 Khalsa, Jagatjoti S. With Setter, Darren
Audience: Parent, Professional