I Want Your Moo: A Story For Children About Self-Esteem

Toodles the turkey hates her “gobble,” and she decides she’ll trade it in for another animal’s more pleasant sound. “She asked the duck for his Quack, and the goose for his Clack, the crow for her Caa-aaw, the cat for Mee-oow. And they all said ‘No Way!'” By the end, though, Toodles has used her hated “gobble” to save the day! With lively rhymes and b right, funny illustrations, this is a hilarious and endearing lesson in self-acceptance and self-esteem. Ages 4 and up.

© 1995 Weiner, Marcella Bakur & Neimark, Jill
Audience: Children
ISBN: 0613777662
Language: Eng