I Don”T Know Why… I Guess I”M Shy

Sammy Samson is shy…too shy to speak to kind Mr. Miller, who used to be his bird-watching buddy, or to friendly Mr. Daniels, the ice cream man. But one day, when Sammy’s beloved dog Sparky gets lost, Sammy forgets all about his shyness and can think only of finding his missing pup. Soon enough, he’s talking to everyone! The fun-filled, encouraging story shows how most fears that underlie shyness are based on imaginary concerns, and it suggests new ways for children to respond to situations that make them uncomfortable. Following the story, a special section for parents explains the phenomenon of shyness, describes how best to use this book, and offers an extensive list of proven methods for assisting your child through this usually normal though uncomfortable stage. Ages 3-7

© 2000 Barbara Cain
Audience: Children