I am Sheriauna

Sheriauna is a vibrant, smart, funny little girl with tons of personality! She has a unique story to share with the world and she loves to help others see differences as strengths. Learn about one little girl’s experience with being different and how we can all be kind to each other, while creating a more inclusive world for everybody. Sherylee Honeyghan is Sheriauna’s mother. This book is a labour of love that had finally come into being. Sherylee is an advocate for her child as a young Black girl who is also a congenital amputee. Her desire is to spread a message of understanding and acceptance through her continued efforts. Sherylee’s hope is that a child who reads this book with a parent, teacher, friend or independently will be better able to see differences as potential for learning something new.

© 2017 Sherylee Honeyghan
Audience: Children
ISBN: 4056