Helping Your Overweight Child: A Family Guide

Book Cover, Helping Your Overweight Child: A Family Guide

Overweight children can be helped to a healthier, more satisfying life through practical lifestyle changes made by the entire family. This book offers family members a better understand why a child has a weight problem, and the facts about nutrition and good eating and exercise habits. The information can be used to develop healthy habits for all adults and children in the family. Dr. Cederquist provides sample sheets for goals and for “eating,” “exercise” and “emotions” journals. Overweight children learn how to set reasonable goals and to make healthy decisions. The appendix includes valuable comparisons of the nutritional value and fat content of many brand-name food products and meals found in fast-food restaurants.

© 2002 Cederquist, Caroline J, Md
Audience: Parent
ISBN: 9780971416406
Language: Eng