My Heart Can’t Even Believe It: A Story of Science, Love, and Down Syndrome

Journalist, blogger, and NPR contributor Amy Silverman, bravely looks at her life, before and after her daughter Sophie was born, and reflects on her transformation from a spoiled, self-centered brat, who used words like retard and switched lines at the Safeway to avoid a bagger with special needs, into the mother of a kid with Down syndrome and all that her new identity entails. She describes her evolution as gradual, one built by processing her fears and facing questions both big and small about Sophie, Down syndrome, and her place in the world. Funny, touching, and honest, this wonderful book looks at a daughter and her power to change minds and fill hearts with love so deep that, as Sophie once remarked to her mom, “I love you so much my heart can’t even believe it!” Theirs is a story worth reading. This book is appropriate regardless of disability. * Please be aware she takes a strong look at language and uses profanity that may be objectionable to some.

© 2016 Amy Silverman
Audience: Parent
ISBN: 1606132741
Language: Eng